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Warning: Fraud against Transcribers - by people using the CastingWords name.

In recent months there have been several reports of people claiming to be CastingWords when hiring workers and then not paying them - particularly via ads on CastingWords only hires freelancers directly via the Castingwords Workshop, on Amazon's Mechanical Turk using requesterID A3MI6MIUNWCR7F, and ODesk (for non-English transcription) using company id 513433. Double check and write if you suspect anything.
posted 2014-02-12 10:23

News: We've upped the priority on the The Workshop again - all work live there at least 15 minutes before you see it on Turk, and most work only goes to the workshop now. 2014-12-01

News: We've upped the priority on the The Workshop, so you should be seeing work live there at least 15 minutes before you see it on Turk.2014-02-26

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  • QuickTime isn't transcription software, but this audio player lets you slow down and speed up the audio.